2021-06-08 07:19:44, Jamal Tuschick


Stay tuned

Hello dear,
For more than a year, cultural life stood still -like many other colleagues I was also forced to sit home and wait for better times ... slowly but surely it seems that awakening is taking place and finally it's possible to perform in front of an audience.
It is my pleasure to invite you for the upcoming production of Ensemble Megaphone -"Infectus" -A music-theatrical tour on the trail of the history of the epidemic-taking place from the 1.7-11.7.2021, Hannover Germany.
The performance is tracing 6 epidemics from the records till our current situation through historical stations in Hannover city. I'll be playing the role of "death" dancing and playing the accordion.
For details and tickets for this unusual event please follow the link here.
Also, I'm happy to share the news that I have received a Dis-Tanz solo grant that will allow me to further develop and document my method for dancers and musicians' "Strange tools"-I'm grateful for the opportunity.
And last but not least, my production from 2016 -"NO-MAD" will be performed on the 3rd of October 2021 at the Jüdisches Woche Dresden.
Together with trombonist and performer Tomer Mashkowski we shell revive and embark again on a Journey through history and surrealism with dance, music, and films -details will follow in a separate email.
Thank you in advance for your attention and with wonderful summer wishes ,
Stay tuned,
Oren Lazovski
Choreography /Dance Teacher
Master of Arts -Dance education